Weekender Eco Kit

Introducing our Weekender Eco-Pack Gift Set, the ultimate welcome kit for employees. This carefully curated swag box is packed with sustainable items that will go a long way in showing your appreciation. Included in the kit are a 27 oz. Spirit Water Bottle, an 8 oz. Cotton Canvas Tote, a Saratoga Cork Journal, and an rPet Marcello Pen. From networking events to welcome weekends, this kit is perfect for any occasion. Each item is packaged in its own box for easy distribution.

Choose from a range of colors including Blue, Teal Green, Gray, and White.

Rest assured, all items comply with Prop 65 regulations, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

new employee kit

Our welcome kits make it easy to get New Hires off to a great start. ​

Take the hassle out of onboarding and give your new hire the best start. Contact us today and get your welcome package on its way!

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