Road Trip Kit

Road Trip Food Kit

Embark on a delicious journey with our Road Trip Food Kit. This SWAG Box is designed to be the perfect companion for your adventures, providing easy-access snacks filled with salty goodness.

Included in this kit are Giddy Up Nuts Brazen Buffalo Wings Almonds (2 oz), Boardwalk Food Company Beer Cheese Pretzels (4 oz), and a customized Dip Trip Vehicle Sauce Holder.

What sets this kit apart is its convenience and customization. The snacks are carefully sourced from Small Batch Makers across the country, ensuring quality and unique flavors.

The Road Trip Food Kit comes packaged in a customizable gift box, and it includes a personalized card at no additional charge.

Measuring 12″ W x 9″ L x 4″ H, this SWAG Box leaves all other gifts in the rearview mirror. It’s the perfect choice for welcome gifts and new hire kits, offering a memorable and flavorful experience.

This kit provides a hassle-free and enjoyable snacking experience on the go. Grab your Road Trip Food Kit and hit the road with confidence!

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