Kick Start Bundle

Kick Start

Introducing our Kick Start Box, the perfect swag box filled with morning essentials to ignite your day. This carefully curated kit includes an energizing Atlas Chocolate Cacao Mind + Body Protein Bar, a rich and aromatic Backporch Coffee Roasters Pour Over Pack, and a crunchy and wholesome Early Bird Foods & Co. Farmhand’s Choice Granola.

Packaged in a customizable gift box, it also features a personalized journal and a stylish slate coaster. Whether you’re planning event kick-offs, room drops, or expressions of gratitude, this box is designed to make every morning the best day ever.

Embrace a fresh start and kick-start your day with this amazing kit that combines convenience, flavor, and personalized touches.

new employee kit

Our welcome kits make it easy to get New Hires off to a great start. ​

Take the hassle out of onboarding and give your new hire the best start. Contact us today and get your welcome package on its way!

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