dry erase kit

Dry Erase Kit

Introducing our Dry Erase Kit, an essential tool for productivity and organization. This stylish and functional kit includes a dry-erase board and marker, a tumbler with a straw, and a notebook. The dry-erase board allows you to effortlessly jot down ideas, tasks, and reminders, keeping you on track. Stay refreshed and hydrated with the convenient tumbler, perfect for the demands of the workday. The included notebook provides a space for capturing important notes and thoughts.

Impress your new employees with this thoughtful and practical New Hire Kit, showcasing your appreciation for their contributions. Boost productivity and make a lasting impression with our SEO-optimized Dry Erase Kit.

new employee kit

Our welcome kits make it easy to get New Hires off to a great start. ​

Take the hassle out of onboarding and give your new hire the best start. Contact us today and get your welcome package on its way!

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