award winner kit

Award Winner Kit

Introducing our prestigious Award Winner gift set, available in three stunning color options: Gold, Black-Gold, and accompanied by delicious Champagne Gummy Drops. This carefully curated swag box is designed to celebrate achievements and recognize success in style.

Savor the victory with our golden drinkware, exuding elegance and sophistication. The set also includes delightful Champagne Gummy Drops, adding a touch of sweetness to the celebration. To make the gift even more special, we’ve included a lapel pin engraved with the words “I’m kind of a big deal,” adding a playful yet empowering element.

Take your branding to the next level with the option to customize the box itself, the exquisite drinkware, and even add your personalized message to a handwritten card – all at no additional cost. This ensures a truly memorable and personalized gift experience that showcases your unique brand identity.

Rest assured, our Award Winner gift set complies with Prop 65 regulations, meeting the highest safety standards. Its dimensions of 3″ W x 3″ L x 3″ H make it a compact and elegant package that will leave a lasting impression.

Whether you’re looking to create impressive new hire kits, promote your brand with a sophisticated swag box, or surprise and delight your team with an exceptional gift, the Award Winner gift set in Gold, Black-Gold, or Champagne Gummy Drops is the perfect choice. Show your appreciation for hard work, dedication, and outstanding achievements with this remarkable and tasteful gift set.

new employee kit

Our welcome kits make it easy to get New Hires off to a great start. ​

Take the hassle out of onboarding and give your new hire the best start. Contact us today and get your welcome package on its way!

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